JMW Turner:  the source

   Tribal Instincts Capitulation within the art world
this section will cover: the dealer, institutions, twin auction firms, and gentry.

Art World’s Dirty Little Secret
r malcolm setters / graham setters:

"When humanistic ideals and truth, succumb to blind Patriotism
and duty, true reason is lost. Nonetheless,
for the sake of duty,
 all seems forgiven!

Alas, Duty as the arbiter of greed proves more insidious than simple

The great collector, connoisseur, and philanthropist Samuel
Courtauld of the Courtauld Institute fame might have hinted at just
such endemic problems when, “he refused a peerage in the
 1937 Coronation Honours List, preferring "to keep his
 independence and integrity.”

Martin Butlin C.B.E. being painted by Jiří Kayser 2001


   Institutional Evolution  The Unknown Turner  Ehrenbrietstein dialogue Butlin Visit


[i] Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces: The Courtauld Collection: Dennis Farr, Samuel Courtauld as a Collector and Founder of the Courtauld Institute, (Trustees of the Home House Society and Yale University, 1987), 8.