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                 Christie's 1904 sale catalogue
                     kindly supplied by Dr. Colin B. Bailey: National Gallery of Canada


                         Entry for Shipwreck, the Rescue (this title is from a vintage label on the stretcher)     
      Christie's annotation "Edwards" indicates this was the purchaser in 1904


    Vintage label that is affixed to the stretcher of Shipwreck, the Rescue

                        Christie's Stenciled Stock Number found on the stretcher of Shipwreck, the Rescue

                               From Christie's Archivist, Jeremy Rex-Parkes, 16 Mar 2001:

"Good Morning Mr. Setters; It was 73OAS and the sale was 4th June 1904, “The Highly Important Collection of Pictures and Watercolour Drawings,” the property of James Orrock, owing to ill health and is ordered away from London, Lot 140, JMW Turner, RA, The Shipwreck   63 X 87 inches.

   Presented by the artist to his executor, Mr. Griffith.

   From the collection of Sir J. C. Robinson.

   I hope the information is what you were looking for,

   and if you have other stock numbers,

   do not hesitate to contact me. Regards jrp."   


    This of course was an exciting discovery, but who the mysterious James Orrock....


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