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       The Butlin Tapes                                    

Martin Butlin
 painted by Jiri (George) Kayser 2001 

Art World’s Dirty Little Secret

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Martin Butlin, the accepted authority on historic British art and in particular J.M.W. Turner and William Blake, had been authorized as a senior consultant for Christie’s to inspect Shipwreck, the Rescue at our expense. He was prodded with many questions during his weeklong stay. Not only were the responses he gave of importance, but also, the general chatter that took place over dinner and while sightseeing was significant. During simple socializing, or testy disagreements, we all persevered.



By the time Martin and his wife Frances arrived, their visit had evolved far beyond what was first intended; a trip of pure business had become a vacation with a purpose. The distance from home, casual social environment, and the “straight-forward and simple people” impression Martin had about Canadians, rather disarmed him. His banter of the next several days wrote the concluding few chapters of a book that would have otherwise been only speculation...     

Art World’s Dirty Little Secret


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